Hair Textures

I always ask my Brides to have their hair dry before arrive to their destination. The reason why is because it’s easy for the hair products to adsorbed and faster to archive the texture before styling into shape. I also want to make sure that the hair is completely dried with out any moister so the hair style won’t change though out their event.

It is helpful for the process to go easier However If you like to request to start with your hair wet, It will cost extra and need to add more time to your services.

Textured hair has special care and styling needs based on its unique curl patterns. Understanding the curl pattern, porosity, density, width and length of your hair will help you find the right products and styling tips to keep your locks healthy and beautiful for any event.


Your curl pattern shows the amount of wave or curl in your hair, and is divided into wavy (type 2), curly (type 3) and coily (type 4). Knowing your curl pattern will help you find the right products, heating tool to style with and care tips for your hair.


Density refers to how closely individual strands of hair are packed together on your scalp, and ranges from low to high. Knowing your hair density will help you choose the right heat products and styles to maintain the volume of your hair.


In addition to your curl pattern, your hair length can determine which products you should use as well as how to apply them. It will also help you choose the best styles and tools to achieve the look you want.


Porosity refers to how easily your hair is able to absorb and hold moisture. Knowing your hair porosity will help you choose the right products to keep your hair moisturized, strong and shiny.


Hair width refers to the thickness of individual strands of hair, and can range from fine to coarse. Knowing your hair width can help you maintain the length and health of your hair.



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