When I apply lashes to Models, Brides. Celebrity, Clients at my studio, my favorite choice are using small individual lash. I find that both individual lashes and lash clusters look more natural than a full eyelash strip.

False lashes are mainly the eyelash strip that can find at any drug store. I alway tell people that once you try the individual lashes you won’t want to go back.

What’s the difference between the three type of Lashes, Strip lashes, Individual lashes, Permanent lashes.

Individual Lashes:

I am able to add a second layer of lashes to add more thickness.
Enhance the outer conners.
Feels lighter then the strip.
Don’t have to worry about lifting in the conners.

Strip Lash:

They have many lengths and texture which makes it hard for clients to pick out the perfect ones for their eye shape.
Maybe needs to cut the strip if it’s to long and for the lashes too.
Sometimes not enough thickness.
Heavy on the eyes for the whole night.

Permanent Lashes:

I love them because I have a technician that is knowledge about the products and the diameter to use on my lashes so they can stay on with out putting any stress on my own lashes which makes all the difference in lasting process.
Make sure you ask friends or people that have them done so you compare.

If you have the time in Maui before an important event Please do not hesitate to inquire about my lash girl. She is the best on the Island, hands down… She my best kept secret.

Preparing The Area

If you want your eyelashes to last all night and into the morning, start with a clean, dry canvas. Wash and dry your face well and apply your foundation and powder before applying individual eyelashes. If you plan to wear eyeliner in the inner eye lids, apply it first, it will guild you to get a stronger eye shape. I sometimes coat the real lashes with mascara before applying the individual lashes .

Applying The Lashes.

Individual lashes are a bit difficult to work with, so I use tweezers to make things easier. Select one lash (or one lash cluster) at a time and gently dip the end into your glue dot. A little goes a long way, so don’t overdo it. Close your eye and attach the lash to the existing lash line, making sure the curl is following along with the natural curve of your lashes. I never apply the lash to my eyelid or skin because this results in a less natural look. You’ll generally have a minute or two to nudge it into place before the glue dries.

Working With The Glue.

I buy a brand of eyelash clusters that come with their own glue, but you can also buy lash glue separately. Never use any other type of glue, especially super-glue or nail glue, when applying eyelashes. I place a small dot of glue on a piece of aluminum foil because it protects my vanity counter and doesn’t absorb the glue like a tissue might.
The lashes glue plays an important roll. I use a waterproof (Tears of Joy) adhesive. It hasn’t failed me yet!
There are dark adhesive and white adhesive which turns into clear color after its dries.
I always use the darkest adhesive.

Deciding Where To Place The Lashes.

Because I like a natural look, I apply individual lashes or lash clusters only to the outer two-thirds of my top lid. The lashes on your lower lid and the inner third of your upper lid are naturally much shorter, so applying lashes here will give you away. I like to start my application in the middle of my upper eyelid and work my way out, spacing individual lashes or lash clusters sporadically in between my natural lashes.

Once I’ve applied individual lashes to both eyes, I let the glue dry for a few minutes and then apply a few coats of mascara to blend the fake lashes into my natural lash line. This creates a really dramatic look and also helps to camouflage the false lashes.

False Lashes are best for people who don’t wear much make-up on their eyes, people who want more drama in their eyes, wears glasses, want to add luscious to the eyes.

However , If you like to request the strip lashes we have them available if desire.