How to have naturally looking makeup:

Steps to creating the perfect all natural look with makeup:

The natural look has been a look that hundreds and hundreds of people try to perfect each and every year; it is a look that has lasted through the ages and eras and even to this day remains just as popular, if not more. It is meant to make your skin look perfect and natural, it takes a few tries to get it right and for starters you need to find the right combination of products to use because for everyone it is different. This makeup look goes well with anything and once you have it down you will have the result of a complexion that is luminous as well as flawless, it is also perfect to be worn either during the day or at night.

naturally looking makeup

For step one you need to come to the realization that you need to work with the color of your skin, you need to use something that matches your skin color in order to make the redness be concealed, to help even out the entire complexion and to make a radiance that is all natural. There are powders, creams and more to choose from but for this look it is best to use a thin base of a blendable makeup and use your fingertips to apply it or a sponge, focus on the areas that need the most attention. Next in step two you brush on a light layer of powder that matches your skin to the areas in which get oily and to your T-zone area.

As for step three take a light pink blush or a rose looking blush and apply to what is known as the apples of your cheeks. Then in step four begin by curling your lashes and then take black mascara that you love to use and apply to your lashes, a single coat of the mascara should be more than enough for this look. You just want your eyes to look big and bright like you are wake and in a good mood such as feeling refreshed. Step five is all about your eyebrows, they should be well groomed and this means to brush them and then to fill in any areas that may need to be filled in; try to keep them plucked to perfection all the time, do a little here and there and you will never really need to worry about them again. And in the end step six is finding the right color to wear on your lips. The best suggestion is to go with a shade that is just a bit brighter than whatever your natural skin tone is. A nice nude shade or even a delightful light pink shade are sure to always do the trick and help pull the entire look together. You can dress this look down or up, it does not matter but looking natural is helpful to make you feel better about yourself and to help put you in a good mood which is also known to lead to making other good decisions. Hope these tips onĀ  how to have naturally looking makeup will help you make right and better choices

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