AirBrush Make-Up Foundation

In the contemporary makeup scene, airbrush makeup has become a preferred option for bridal and events makeup due to its long wearing and flawless appearance.

Certain formulas wear better than others and it is important to choose carefully when deciding what mixture is right for the job.
Some airbrush makeups are entirely waterproof unless taken off with a specific remover that breaks down the active ingredient. For instance, silicone-based airbrush fluid is largely waterproof depending on how much, and how you set the makeup.

Bear in mind that all makeup is only as good or bad as the artist applying it.

Application and skill will always be the more significant factor regarding any makeup service. Other makeup artists may agree or disagree with it depending on their own personal experience.

I strongly agree that the actual makeup product does matter what makeup medium is used.

I select all of my make-up products and test them on myself to make sure they succeed in their expectations.

It is the artist and their method alone that truly create long-lasting, flawless and impeccable beauty, and therefore should be considered with more care than the product used.

Airbrush make-up does wonders for clients or brides that have any kind of rosacea on the face also having any compromised skin.

It makes the skin glow or gives it a soft dewiness.

I can also make it matted for oil skin as well for sweatiness.

Ultimately, your personal preferences will be the biggest factor in choosing what you wear on what occasions. However, if you take nothing else from this, understand: The best kind of makeup you can wear is the makeup that is customized to fit YOU.

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