Maui Weddings Hair & Makeup Services

Free Consultation by phone or in person.

Catering to large parties of multiple services upon request.

Pre-Trial – Hair and Make-Up

I usually arrive 15- 20 minutes earlier to set up ( if needed )especially when the bride hasn’t had the availability to fit in a Pre-Trial.

Viewing photos of your inspiration that will guild me to achieve the

hair styles and make-up ideas together as long as it take, so we can get a better feel for what the bride is all about.

  • Structuring Eyebrows to enhance the face
  • Removing any unwanted facial hair ( if desired)


I use a tiny Japanese facial razor that won’t irritate your skin also use tweezers.

Remove any make-up from the night before or at anytime.

  •    Apply with a fresh warm wash cloth to clean any oils before starting on the base .

Wedding Day – Hair and Make-Up with Lashes

  • I usually arrive 15- 20 minutes earlier to set up (if needed)
  • Viewing the wedding dress and all of it’s assessors Going over photos of your inspiration for hair styles and make-up ideas that will guild me to achieve the look you desire.
  • Structuring Eye Brows
  • Removing any unwanted extra facial hair Remove any make-up from the night before or at anytime.
  • Freshen up the skin with a warm wash cloth before applying  the foundation.
  • Lashes are only included for the bride for the day of.  Emphasize your eyes to brighten any darkness
  • Make-up Contouring ( if needed)
  • Heat lashes to curl (if needed)
  • Body sparkle dust (if needed )
  • Coverage blotches ,minimal (if needed)  Sun Burn ( depends on the size of area on the body)
  • Lip Stick or Gloss to Purchase or Given
  • Power puff for touch ups
  • Assist in Dressing and Cleaning up
  • Touch ups before leaving the room

Grooming for your Fiancee:

  • Groom – Hair Styling Hair Cutting (appointment before the wedding)
  • Groom – Barber (nape, ears, brow, nose) Unwanted hairs
  • Groom – Touch Ups (sun burn, razor marks, blemishes) Very natural look with make-up Groom – eyes brow clean up/ shaping

Bridesmaids / Flower Girls / Family Members:

  • Bridesmaid – Hair Design
  • Bridesmaid – Make-up
  • Family Member – Hair Design
  • Family Member – Make-up
  • Flower Girl – Hair Design
  • Flower Girl – Make-up

Individual Services:

  • Make Up Lesson (hourly fee)
  • Hair Design
  • Make-up Application Lashes Covering up tattoos ( depends on the size) Sun Burn Coverage ( depends on how large on an area of the body)

Separate Services:

  • Air Brush Make-up ( for any kind of rosacea ,compromise  skin or pigmentation
  • Hair Extensions
  • Hair assessors arrangements ( depends on the how intricate)


  • Travel expenses are for each visit.
  • Assistant’s Fee
  • Extra hair length and thickness ( upon valuation)
  • Lipstick or Gloss ( for purchase, sometimes given)
  • Hair Flowers to Hair Ornaments

Any Services Cancelationed during the Trial day or Wedding Day requires a month notices to avoid 1/2 charges for services ordered.